Looking for the lost number in a table. Five graded activities.

With a pirate theme for the materials, we did this activity working with stations. This way of working, in addition to being very dynamic, allows to attend to a diversity of students. You only need to have a well-coordinated activity at the different levels. Students pass through each station 10 minutes. When the alarm sounds, change the station.

One of the activities performed in a station has been this one that we share. Organized on various levels of difficulty.


In the links below you can download the materials for the different levels and also the sheet for the students to write the value of each pirate object found. From each of the levels you will find several different models. The annotation sheet is always the same. Print it as many times as you need.

The objective of this activity is to reinforce the numbering up to 100. The numbering models up to 20 would be the lower levels. And level 5 for those who have high capacities. There is a model of 20 squares, named as level 3, that could be used for multiple activities like series or dozens being worked on at the same time.


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