Early Years, KS1

Goose game with custom made instructions. Maths fun!

This is a version of the Goose Game with simpler instructions that you can change and adapt to your students. You can download a printable A4 sheet here that includes the game-board and the instructions. You will only need a dice and a token for each player.

goose-game-01The goal of the game is to get the student to recognize the numbers up to 38, identify the missing numbers in the numerical series (monkey’s head) and enjoy learning and respecting the rules.

Game-board for the Goose Game.
Dice and one token of a different colour for each player
Players: 2 or more.

The Downloadable file includes Instructions.
Monkey: The goose is represented by the monkey. His boxes are: 2, 5, 9, 12, 17, 22, 25, 28 and 33. A player can (only) jump from goose to goose if he/she recognizes what number corresponds to the box. Otherwise it will remain in it as in any other box without advancing.
Kite: Boxes 7 and 20. If a player falls in box 7 he/she jumps to box 20.
Hat: If you fall in a box with a hat, you move back 3 boxes.
Waterfall: Box 14. You are soaked, you lose a turn.
Map: Box 27. You are lost, you can not move from there for three turns unless another player falls and guides you out. If a player saves another when falling in the box, he/she will not be lost, continues to play as normal.
Binoculars: You see your goal, the bananas. You advance to the end!


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