KS1, KS2

Mental arithmetics game. Friends of number 10 and 20.

Table games, especially those that require the use of dice, quickly develop in the child useful mental calculation skills. It is interesting, as the children grow, to provoke significant mental calculation mementos, and (table) games are the best for this.

We have previously shared a simpler game to practise doubles and doubles +1 with a dice.

This game today is more complex and can be difficult for the younger kids. Still you only need paper, pencil and dice. Use our templates for ready to use tables with friends of 10 and friends of 20.

Friends of 10

Roll 2 dice or one dice twice. Add the results. On the table with numbers look for a number that, when adding or taking away your result, you get 10. Colour or mark that number in the table.For example, you roll the dice twice and get a 3 and 1, that makes 4 in total. You need a 6 to make a 10.You then colour a cell with a number 6 on it. Or you roll the dice and get a 6 and a 5. That´s a total of 11. You need a 1 to take away from 11 to make a 10. You can colour a cell with number 1 in it.

You can add other rules to the game: using a timer to see how many numbers are found in 10 minutes, or play with other players taking turns. If a number box is already colored the player gets another turn.

Friends of 20

Same routine but with the table that has numbers up to 17. You need to roll the dice three times or use three dice.


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