Welcome to AulaITL! We offer teaching and learning resources for an inclusive classroom. The resources provided can generally be used at several age groups depending on the level of difficulty or the variations chosen. Some of our resources are addressed to students with special needs or disabilities, and also to support a variety of learning styles and backgrounds. All of the resources are to be used with supervision of educational professionals or parents. Advertising on the site is aimed at adult users.

Use of the materials on this web site

All the materials on this web site, unless stated differently, are offered under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial International license. This means that you are able to share and adapt the materials as long as you give us credit and use it for non commercial purposes. For instance, you can use it at home, in school classrooms or other educational settings in any part of the world. You may cut and paste material and adapt them as you see fit. The full legal code of the license can be accessed here.

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The content of this web site is subject to change without notice. Material is regularly added and removed from the site. We cannot guarantee that specific resources will remain available for any specified period of time.

This web site sometime contains material submitted and created by third parties. All material on this site is provided in good faith. AulaITL excludes all liability for any illegality arising from error, omission or inaccuracy in such material. No responsibility can be assumed for the accuracy of the information held on this site or any consequences arising from the use of the information. Any opinions expressed in the resources on this web site are those of the original author and are not necessarily shared by us.

Contributing to the site

Contributors should ensure that all material sent for publication is their own work and does not infringe the copyright of others. By sharing any contribution (including any text, photographs, graphics, video or audio) with Primary Resources you agree to grant us free of charge, permission to use the material (including modifying and adapting it for operational or editorial reasons) with a CC BY-NC license. Contributors acknowledge that AulaITL is not obliged to publish any material that is submitted.

Privacy policy

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A little about our story…

More than ten years ago MariCarmen and Andrés started an online site as a way to have easy access to the materials that MariCarmen was already producing for her students.  The variety of resources and the number and quality of collaborators kept growing and we moved to a better organised website – http://www.aulapt.org/ – were all our original resources in Spanish are hosted. In 2010 we became parents of twins and in 2014 we moved to Scotland. We since like to work both in Spanish and English with our kids, and MariCarmen also started working as helper in a local primary school. So we started making translated versions of the worksheets and exercise materials, and built a new website for all the English language resources. The materials here are offered with the humble goal to help teachers and students around the world. Many thanks for your comments, suggestions and user experience to improve the site and the materials.