KS1, KS2

Reading comprehension of simple instructions. Locations (ii).

A second version of our activity to work reading comprehension using simple instructions, with colouring and this time with basic maths included! This is also prepared to be printed in black and white, no fancy colours, and kids only need four colours (red, black, green, and any other one) to complete the tasks. As with our first worksheet, this is an activity that helps develop reading comprehension from an early age. This worksheet is ready to print and work with it.

In this worksheet we propose the student to read slowly and carefully in order to carry out the tasks that are described in the instructions, coloring boxes according to them.

This type of activity is very much liked by children because it poses challenges for them that they usually don’t find in texts. Combining reading with thinking and coloring is a very motivating activity that will be a sure success.

If you have any other resources to work reading comprehension at an early age and want to share them do not hesitate to contact us! I will be happy to upload them in your name.

Click on the “reading comprehension” tag for other similar activities!


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